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Mobile Pet Grooming

Mobile Pet Grooming

Mobile Pet Grooming Mobile Pet Grooming Mobile Pet Grooming

We have a fully equipped van with it's own power and warm water. All we need is a flat, legal parking spot!

A quiet, relaxing experience for your pet ♥

*temporarily closed due to covid-19*


To keep your family and our staff safe, unfortunately we are briefly closed during these hard times due to the Carona Virus.

We're concerned about risk, and need to abide by Ontario Public Health Guidelines.

We are hoping to start booking appointments as soon as possible, but will return when guidelines change.

If you would like to be contacted once we re-open, please make an account (without requesting an appointment) right here on our site through the blue link labelled "Request Appointment". Or send us an e-mail in the section at the very bottom of the site.

For at home maintenance pointers, please check out our social media or give us a call. We are more than happy to help and want to do everything we can!

We are so sorry for the inconvenience, and stay safe 🐾❤

Located in Oakville, Ontario Canada

We service - Oakville, Mississauga, Burlington and Milton. With some surounding areas

When Requesting an Appointment

- Please keep in mind this is a request. We will be in touch with you as soon as possible to either approve or alter your appointment

- Please request at least 2 days in advance, next day appointments are unlikely. We tend to book out atleast a week in advance

* Pre-booking is highly recomended *


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we love to donate our time to a good cause! give us a shout

We support and help raise funds for Rescue foundations and Humane Societies. We offer free grooming to pets up for adoption, and offer nail trimmings in exchange of a donation at their events that go towards the cause.


 Please have your records/certification handy upon our arrival. 

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A little about us

Our Background

Our company is owned and run by Shauna, who has a huge passion with working with animals.

Although she started as a human hairdresser, her experience with all pets and animals has helped make her the fabulous groomer she is today.

She is very furmiliar with communicating with animals and how to work with them, to make the environment feel as comfortable as possible while we complete the grooming service and create a bond. 

She gained this knowledge throughout her life at veterinarian clinics and riding facilities. She's been able to connect with trainers and daycares through pet stores. Along with Pet Groomer certification and pet first aid.

We are looking forward to seeing you and your fur babies, and thank you for your trust and support!  

Things to Keep in Mind

We want your experience with Barking Barber to be remarkable! Where owner, pet and groomer develop a special relationship. With that being said, in order to keep you and your pets happy and healthy, please take these points into consideration.

Please Do Not Open the Door to Our Work Area

- For the safety of your pet please knock or call instead of opening to door. This is very important. We are working with sharp tools and if the groomer and/or dog is startled, there could be an accident. 

- The groomer has to sacure your dog before opening the door. Your pet just loves you so much and becomes very excited when they see you. Since we are working on a table, making sure the pet is secure is very important. Especially if your dog requires a leash.

- Sometimes a dog can be very nervous while being groomed and Barking Barber does our best to gain your pets trust. A simple startle from opening the door could back track that progress very quickly, and gaining trust takes time.

We do our absolute best to keep your pet happy and safe, and we need your help in order to do so.


Condition of Pet

- Barking Barber is extremely thorough with the consultation before an appointment is booked and the service starts. We appreciate honesty of the condition of your pet so we can estimate a time limit and price appropriately. We don't judge! We just want you and your pet to be happy.

- if the pet is in a different condition than discussed, extra charges could apply due to extra time.

Barking Barber late for arrival

- It is our mission to get to you in a timely manner. Please understand that traffic and weather could affect our estimated time of arrival. We check in frequently so that you know where we are and why.

- We make sure every pet is completed and comfortable. We do our best to time our appointments appropriately, but we could possibly run behind.

What makes us different from others...

we don't leave the van running!

We care about the environment as much as we do your pets. Barking Barber does not keep the vehicle running while performing a service. We always recycle and only use natural products and tools

Our Suppliers & Products


rens pets - BB stays current with products/tools/knowledge

Shauna still works for Ren's, and cherishes the relationships and experiences she has gained through the company over the years. She assists with grooming specific events and does monthly grooming videos for other groomers to see the big deals coming up, with some information about the products. She loves to educate customers/co-workers. Ren's carries amazing products and are so dedicated to professional groomers to! If you are a groomer and have any questions please don't hesitate to reach out!

Follow us to Ren's Pet's

Check out their Website, YouTube channel and Facebook page. There's also a 'Professional Grooming' Facebook group for groomers.
View coupons & discounts and upcoming events/sales. Make an account on their website for free to get started

Keep your pet happy and healthy!

$10.00 OFF anything at RENS PETS!

Talk to your groomer for suggestions about what could help your pets general health with a natural approach. i.e, skin & coat, teeth, ears & eyes. We can help with brushes and products, and suggest food or supplement options.

*we are not vets. Always follow up with your vet and follow their directions*



Contact our Customer service


Cancellation Policy

Cancellations accepted up to 24 hours before the scheduled service. Within 24 hours of the service, cancellations will be charged $50.00.

Barking Barber

Oakville, Ontario, Canada

(905) 484-3993


Monday - Saturday: 9am - 5pm

Sunday: Closed